About Us

About us

ETF Securities Australia (ETFS Management (AUS) Limited) is Australia’s second oldest ETF provider and the only truly independent, wholly Australian owned ETF manager. Founded in 2003 by Graham Tuckwell we use transparent and cost effective exchange traded products (ETPs) to enable Australian investors achieve their desired outcome, while also intelligently diversifying their portfolios. We also act as a dedicated source of actionable investor knowledge for Australian investors and their advisers.

History and Expertise

ETF Securities Australia is backed by the expertise, resources and track record of ETFS Capital Limited, the new name for ETF Securities Limited. At the time of the sale of its European and US ETF businesses in April 2018, the company had over A$27 billion of assets and was known for pioneering the exchange traded commodity sector, having launched the world’s first gold ETF in Australia in 2003. Mr Tuckwell and other key executives from the former ETF businesses have stayed with ETFS Capital, which holds more than US$600m in proceeds from the recent divestitures. Those proceeds will be gradually invested in the ETF eco-space which means the company is now the world's largest "private equity" firm devoted solely to investing in companies and start-ups operating in the ETF eco-sphere.

Mission, vision, values

Mission: To provide investors with the best suited solutions to their needs with a focus on ETFs

Vision: To be Australia’s leading independent provider of ETFs and to deepen investors’ understanding and usage of ETFs by listening and guiding

Values: Integrity, transparency, commitment to listen, going above and beyond

The ETF Securities Leadership team

The business is led by Kris Walesby, our Chief Executive Officer. He is supported by a management team with proven and diverse expertise, from new product identification, build and management, through to research, client coverage and marketing.

Graham Tuckwell, Founder and Chairman of the ETFS Capital Group, continues to take an active interest in the business, acting as a sounding board for the ETF Securities Australia team, while aiding the company’s strategic development. Additionally the team have the support of Dr. Vince FitzGerald AO, best known for being one of the key pioneers for the creation and implementation of superannuation, and who remains an active board member.