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Finding the sweet spot in robotics and automation portfolio construction In a market like robotics and automation, investors must strike a balance that gives them access to new technologies without being overly reliant on holding large, established players or overly exposed to recent IPOs that are long on promise but short on earnings. For ROBO Global’s Managing Partner and Director of Research, Jeremie Capron, the sweet spot for investors is mid-cap stocks, with strong balance sheets, high margins and solid earnings histories. The tilt should definitely be towards quality. ...
Platinum is often excluded, ignored, or outright neglected. When investors think of precious metals their minds immediately run to gold and silver. Meaning that platinum, which is 30 times rarer than gold, receives less attention than it deserves. Platinum is enjoying a quiet renaissance, thanks to its role in building the hydrogen economy. Able to withstand unfathomably hot temperatures without melting or reacting, platinum is crucial for the hydrogen economy, which is set to grow in importance in coming years. How else is platinum used? Where does it come from? In this episode, I spoke with Trevor Raymond, head of research at the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), to learn more about this precious metal. Platinum Drivers & Suppliers Only a relatively small amount of platinum gets mined every year, Trevor notes. Almost all of it comes from a small region in South Africa. ...
ETF liquidity – everyone wants it, and sure enough, the most common questions clients ask us at ETF Securities are about liquidity. Investors want assurance that ETFs will trade cheaply and smoothly. And know they always sell, even in volatile markets. In this episode, Kanish Chugh, Head of Distribution at ETF Securities, spoke with Robert Risk, Business Development Manager at Susquehanna. Susquehanna is a private-held securities trading firm – often referred to as a “market maker”, in finance jargon. Market makers work with ETF providers – like us at ETF Securities – and with stock exchanges – like Chi-X and the ASX – to ensure that ETFs trade smoothly throughout the trading day. Market makers like Susquehanna are a critical part of the ETF market. But they are often a background presence, known only to industry insiders. In this video, Robert lifts the lid on market making. He starts by walking us through the history of Susquehanna, which started out as an options trading company in Philadelphia in 1987. Who is Susquehanna? Today, Susquehanna trades over 2,000 ETFs in the US and in Europe, and around 200 in Australia. When investors log onto their CommSec or Nabtrade account and look at the prices for ETFs – what is called the “bid and offer spread” – Susquehanna will often be one of the companies providing the pricing and the liquidity. Often unbeknownst to investors, whenever they buy or sell an ETF on their brokerage accounts, they are often transacting with Susquehanna. How is Susquehanna able to trade so many ETFs at the same time all day long? Robert explains that it is Susquehanna’s investment in technology and people which allows it to calculate the fair value – called the net asset value, or “NAV”, in another piece of jargon – across the multiple ETFs that it trades. ...