Investing In Commodities


ETF Securities Commodities Range

The ETF Securities Commodities Range offers investors exposure to physical commodities like gold and silver which can otherwise be impractical, costly or complicated to access.

Invest in single precious metals or in a basket of them through our range of ETFs.

ETFs can offer an efficient, low-cost liquid and transparent way to access commodity investments. Our ETFs are domiciled in Australia and fully transparent, with product holdings available on our website daily.

Why invest in commodities using ETFs?

  1. To buffer your portfolio against inflation. Commodities have offered a hedge against inflation in the past .

  2. Diversification from traditional asset classes, which commodities typically have a low correlation to .

  3. A “pure” asset exposure compared to using mining companies which are influenced by factors other than commodity prices.

More information on each of our Commodity ETFs can be found in the product links below.

Product Name
FactsheetBar list
ETPMPMETFS Physical Precious Metal BasketAUD202.405918.726 Nov 2020
ETPMPTETFS Physical PlatinumAUD122.74689.726 Nov 2020
ETPMAGETFS Physical SilverAUD29.9307202.526 Nov 2020
ETPMPDETFS Physical PalladiumAUD302.89519.426 Nov 2020
GOLDETFS Physical GoldAUD229.68332,033.326 Nov 2020


NAV - net asset value per unit in Australian dollar.

AUM ($mn) - assets under management (millions) in Australian dollar.

Date - last updated date of NAV and AUM.

PCF - portfolio composition file, only available for equity and cash products

Bar list - metal bar list, only available for metal products


Product Video: ETFS Physical Platinum
Product Video: ETFS Physical PM Basket
Product Video: ETFS Physical Palladium
Product Video: ETFS Physical Silver