International Investments


ETF Securities International Range

The ETF Securities International Range offers investors exposure to a range of regions and sectors in the form of investments suitable for longer term investing, as well as some designed specifically for short-term high conviction trading.

Invest in regions such as Europe or India through our unique range of ETFs.

ETFs can offer an efficient, low-cost, liquid and transparent way to access international markets, within a single trade. Our ETFs are domiciled in Australia and fully transparent, with product holdings available on our website daily.

Why invest internationally?

Did you know that Australia makes up just over 2% of the world’s market capitalisation1? International investments can offer:

  1. Access to some of the world’s biggest companies .

  2. Diversification from the Australian market for portfolio risk management .

  3. Exposure to sectors and growth themes which may be more difficult to access domestically .

More information on each of our international ETFs can be found in the product links below.


Product Name
ESTXETFS EURO STOXX 50® ETFAUD72.095751.708 Apr 2021
NDIAETFS-NAM India Nifty 50 ETFAUD51.734117.808 Apr 2021


NAV - net asset value per unit in Australian dollar.

AUM ($mn) - assets under management (millions) in Australian dollar.

Date - last updated date of NAV and AUM.

PCF - portfolio composition file, only available for equity and cash products

Bar list - metal bar list, only available for metal products


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