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ETF Securities International Range

T he ETF Securities International range consists of several unique ETFs covering different regions and sectors. Currently our international range consists of defensive US equities through the ETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETF (ASX code: ZYUS), core European equities through the ETFS EURO STOXX® 50 ETF (ASX code: ESTX) and global infrastructure through the ETFS Global Core Infrastructure ETF (ASX code: CORE).

We also offer exposure to global technology stocks through the ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF (ASX code: TECH) and global robotics, automation and artificial intelligence through the ETFS ROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETF (ASX code: ROBO). More information can be found on these two funds through the Future Present tab.

Why Invest Internationally?

Did you know that Australia only makes up less than 2% of the world’s market capitalisation? And yet many Australian investors are still heavily overweight to the domestic market. Because of this home bias investors could be missing out on the diversification benefits and potential growth of international stocks. While the ASX 200 is dominated by Financials and Materials, overseas markets provide Australian investors with access to a broader range of sectors, including 2017’s top performing sector; technology. International investing therefore provides Australian’s with exposure to sectors, regions and opportunities that can’t otherwise be accessed in the domestic market.

By diversifying across multiple regions and sectors investors can reduce the overall risk in their portfolio. If one region or sector starts to underperform, having a diversified portfolio will help offer downside protection and reduce the impact of one area’s underperformance.

ETFs provide investors with an easy way to gain exposure to a specific region, sector or thematic. At ETF Securities we provide you with the ability to gain exposure to a broad range of international regions and sectors through a single, low-cost trade. All our ETFs are domiciled in Australia, physically backed and fully transparent, with the product holdings available on our website daily.

For further information on each of our international ETFs please click on the product links below.

Product Name
COREETFS Global Core Infrastructure ETFAUD45.127218.105 Aug 2020
ESTXETFS EURO STOXX 50® ETFAUD62.933750.805 Aug 2020
ACDCETFS Battery Tech & Lithium ETFAUD58.686123.505 Aug 2020
FANGETFS FANG+ ETFAUD13.117361.705 Aug 2020
CUREETFS S&P Biotech ETFAUD60.061715.705 Aug 2020
TECHETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETFAUD83.2779160.705 Aug 2020
NDIAETFS Reliance India Nifty 50 ETFAUD41.856611.305 Aug 2020
ROBOETFS ROBO Global Robotics and Automation ETFAUD67.8331130.105 Aug 2020
ZYUSETFS S&P 500 High Yield Low Volatility ETFAUD10.013466.105 Aug 2020


NAV - net asset value per unit in Australian dollar.

AUM ($mn) - assets under management (millions) in Australian dollar.

Date - last updated date of NAV and AUM.

PCF - portfolio composition file, only available for equity and cash products

Bar list - metal bar list, only available for metal products


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