How to invest in ETFs

ETF Securities – offering you easy access to a range of diverse trading opportunities

Since our inception in 2003, our entire business model has been built around making it easier for Australian investors to access innovative investment opportunities. Our products save you time and effort through our passive investing model, enabling your returns to track the performance of your chosen markets.

Even if you are new to trading, we can offer expert information and diverse financial products you need to make excellent choices about your investments and provide more financial freedom for your future. We offer a range of products and flexible trading methods, so you can tailor your investments and strategies to suit yourself.

How to invest in ETFs

We currently offer:
  • 18 Exchange Traded Products

These products enable you to diversify your investment portfolio within Australia and internationally, giving you the opportunity to make calculated, informed decisions about risk so you can potentially maximise your returns.

These products can be traded in two different ways:
1. On exchange

Trading on the ASX enables you to trade our products in a similar way to stocks, with two-way prices provided throughout the ASX trading day, Maximum spread widths and minimum order book sizes apply.

Risk is minimised as all on exchange trades are centrally cleared, so there is no bilateral counterparty risk.

You can access ETF Securities products through ordinary brokerage accounts – your financial advisor will be able to give you more information on how to do this.

2. Over the counter

You can also buy ETF Securities products directly from a broker or official market maker. We do not have a trading desk – instead we partner with a range of industry experts to provide our clients with a smooth experience.

Over the counter trading offers you increased freedom and flexibility, as you are not restricted to ASX trading hours. This enables you to trade whenever is most convenient for you, fitting in with your lifestyle.

We are always happy to provide more information about how to invest in our ETF products. Please contact our expert team to find out more.