How to invest in ETFs


Investing in an ETF is just like buying shares. You can choose to use an online trading account, a stockbroker or a financial adviser.


Three steps to invest


Create an online trading account or choose a stockbroker/financial adviser.


Review the ETF’s product disclosure statement. Trying to research the ETF market? Download a copy of the ETF Securities ETF Landscape.


Use the ASX code to buy or sell the ETF. Trading for ETFs listed on the Australian Securities Exchange occurs between 10am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

For more details on your holdings with ETF Securities, please use your online broking account, login to your Computershare account or visit the product pages for the latest performance and pricing information.

Need to set up a Computershare account or don’t have an account?

You should receive details on how to set up your account in a welcome letter from Computershare after investing in our funds. Alternatively, you can set up your account using the following steps.

  1. Visit the Computershare Investor Centre and select ‘Register Now’

  2. You’ll need your HIN for the product and will need to confirm your address, the name of the ETF and your email. You can find your HIN on your CHESS statement, Welcome letter or by logging into your online brokerage account.

If you would prefer not to set up an account, you can check on your holdings by selecting “Single Holding” on the Investor Centre page, and entering your HIN, postcode and the name of the product.

Online trading accounts and brokers

You can trade our products on major trading platforms in Australia. The following list identifies many platforms where our products are currently available.