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Cryptocurrencies have been some of the most exciting recent technological developments. Cryptos promise a revolution in financial services, threatening to shake up everything from payments, to auditing, to trading. Yet when most investors think of cryptos, their minds tend to think of buying bitcoins directly. However, there are many fintech companies that help provide crypto products, services and innovation. Below we discuss our top five. The companies listed below are all found in the ETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETF (Exchange Code: FTEC). Galaxy Digital Holdings Galaxy is something like an investment bank for crypto and one of the biggest crypto pure-plays in the world. Its founder Mike Novogratz is something of a Wall St celebrity. Galaxy has fingers in many crypto operations include crypto mining, where it mines bitcoin. Crypto venture capital, where it invests both its own and other peoples’ money in promising blockchain businesses, and crypto trading, where it trades cryptocurrencies outright. ...
After our recent webinar introducing our ETFS Semiconductor ETF (ASX Code: SEMI), we received many questions from investors around the fund, and below are the answers to these burning questions. Are Chinese companies included or excluded? Chinese companies are excluded from the SEMI ETF. At this stage, Chinese semiconductor technology lags developed markets, Korea, and Taiwan by many years. The Chinese government is aware of this and has begun subsidising its local semiconductor industry. There has been some suggestion that Taiwanese companies may be acquired by Chinese companies to speed up their technology growth. At this point of the cycle, is it better to be in chip manufacturing equipment (eg ASML, Lam Res) than chip manufacturing? What is the likelihood of the nanochip becoming a significant disruptor of the traditional semiconductor industry? ...
Regardless of whether you are a novice investor or an experienced one, it is always useful to refresh and expand your knowledge of ETFs. Our ETFs 102 Webinar – Trading Strategies, touched on interesting insights into the world of trading ETFs, and below are some of the burning questions investors had following it. Now that ETFs are easily accessible to the investor directly, is there a need for a Financial Advisers anymore considering that eTorro and online trading platforms has pretty much made the stockbroker obsolete? Financial advisers provide more than just asset management. They also provide things like income and annuity management, insurance advice and behavioural coaching for savers. We do not believe