Individual Investors

Diversification is the only free lunch in the stock market. Successful investors know this and diversify their portfolios as best they can. But diversification also matters for exchange traded funds. ETFs have diversification built in, as they hold multiple stocks. However, there is more to ETF diversification than meets the eye. Below we give a guide to what investors should look for and explain our approach to building ETFs. ...
Whether your goal is to build a house deposit, pay for education or create a retirement income, taking a measured approach to your investments can help. Most investors typically need to be able to preserve a certain level of capital, while also investing for long term growth or income. An enhanced core-satellite approach to building your investment portfolio can help you target your goals and manage market movements. Download the complete paper or read a summary below. What is enhanced core-satellite investing? Enhanced core-satellite investing is a two-pronged approach to portfolio construction, where the core is made up of passive exposures to major asset classes (mainly equities and fixed income) and the satellite investments are more opportunistic and designed to seek specific growth outcomes, sometimes at higher levels of risk. Satellite investments could be targeted ETFs, actively managed funds or investments in individual companies or real estate. Generally, the core might be 65-85% of the portfolio, depending on the investor’s goals, investment horizon and risk tolerance, while satellites tend to represent 15-35%[1]. ...
Investing has become a game of chicken in the eyes of some investors. Has COVID-19 become a buying opportunity? Have we seen the bottom, or is the worst yet to come? It’s hard to make any solid predictions in this unfamiliar territory – investment markets have experienced a health crisis rather than being undone by poor fundamentals, such as in the global financial crisis. Those investors looking for ideas could consider the following. Download the complete paper or read the summary below 1. The essentials Some sectors are largely able to continue normal operations, even in crisis situations. Humans still need basic supplies and services to live, meaning that consumer staples continue to see demand