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Europe fell out of favour with investors for several years. The Eurozone debt crisis, Brexit, the rise of populism—the crises seemed to pile up. Meanwhile, America went from strength to strength boosted by FANG internet giants (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google). This year, investors are warming to Europe once more. Thanks to global economies reopening from the coronavirus, and to new fears that share prices of American businesses have overheated, Europe is seeing great interest again. The companies listed are all found in the ETFS EURO STOXX 50 ETF (ASX Code: ESTX). Five stocks that are well-positioned ...
Investors may be feeling a cautious sense of optimism as we enter 2021 with global vaccine rollouts. Last year, technology companies and commodities were investment winners, so what will 2021 hold for investment markets? There are three trends we see influencing ETF investments in 2021: the movement to value, thematic investing and short & leveraged investing. Download the complete paper here Movement to value As news of vaccines hit markets in late 2020, investors started to shift their approach away from a pure growth focus and towards value investments such as banks and industrials. ...
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