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Demand for silver skyrocketed this week, off the back of the latest campaign from Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets group. Investors may wonder what’s beyond the frenzy and whether the Reddit campaign has unexpected substance to it. Download the complete article here The Reddit Story Following a bid to counter short-selling of GameStop, r/wallstreetbets turned its collective eyes to silver. With the claim from some segments within the Reddit group that silver prices were being held artificially low by bank and hedge fund manipulation and short-selling, amateur investors piled in to purchase silver ETFs and mining companies in a bid to push prices up. ...
Investors may be feeling a cautious sense of optimism as we enter 2021 with global vaccine rollouts. Last year, technology companies and commodities were investment winners, so what will 2021 hold for investment markets? There are three trends we see influencing ETF investments in 2021: the movement to value, thematic investing and short & leveraged investing. Download the complete paper here Movement to value As news of vaccines hit markets in late 2020, investors started to shift their approach away from a pure growth focus and towards value investments such as banks and industrials. ...
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