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Semiconductor shortage is getting worse With news suggesting that the semiconductor shortage is getting worse, investors are asking what it may mean for semiconductor companies and their shareholders. The time lag between companies ordering and receiving semiconductors increased to 21 weeks in August according to data from Susquehanna Financial Group. This was up from 20 weeks in July, making wait times the longest on record. The Long Wait For Chips The gap between ordering a chip and delivery is still growing ...
Semiconductors are like the brains of the computer world. They control the flow of electricity and allow all our modern devices to function. Without semiconductors, there would be no televisions, laptops, phones and all the rest. But semiconductor companies can be a bit obscure, highly specialised and unknown to the general public. The companies listed below are all found in the ETFS Semiconductor ETF (ASX Code: SEMI). Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) ...
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