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Technology has been the best performing sector for the past 10 years1. This outperformance is attributable to superior fundamentals. In the past decade, tech has had the best earnings growth and profit margins2,3. This has naturally translated into higher stock prices. The coronavirus has been the cherry on top. Thanks to social distancing, more people are working from home, shopping online and using online entertainment. This has brought forward years of technological adoption. But which companies may stand to benefit? Below we look at some of the bright lights. The companies listed are all found in the ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF (ASX Code: TECH). Five companies fuelling the transition ...
Thematic investing exposes your portfolio to some of the major socioeconomic, environmental and technological themes of our times in a tailored way. So what does this actually mean and how can you use thematic investing in your portfolio? Download the whitepaper, here. What is thematic investing? Thematic portfolios look at long-term macro trends, such as robotics and automation, and then use various screens and information sources to identify the companies or assets which support this trend through infrastructure or services. It can span several sectors or even asset classes, for example, a thematic investment in technology is likely to include companies within the technology sector as well as those in other sectors which access this trend, such as Amazon or Netflix. Investment themes should be: ...
From the current COVID-19 situation to the future, markets will always face periods of uncertainty and volatility. A measured approach to investment management can assist with supporting your investment portfolio in these periods. In this paper, we discuss four common approaches. Download now Market volatility refers to the magnitude of upward and downward movements in asset prices over a period of time. A company whose stock price moves up and down by 1% daily is considered less volatile than one with 5% daily moves. Investors tend to thin