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With the announcement that Netflix is moving into video games, the crucial role of the US technology giants known as the FAANNGs – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Nvidia, Google – in supporting gaming is coming under the spotlight. Investors are often surprised to learn how large the video games industry is. According to data from research house IDC, the video games industry now generates more revenue than movies and North American sports combined. What is more: the video games industry is growing faster than film and sport, with help from both covid-19 and the uptake of smartphones. COVID-19 fuels global surge in videogame revenue The FAANNGs are some of the most important companies in the video games industry, forming a surprising large part of their businesses. Below we go through each. ...
The current COVID-19 concerns have rattled markets, with advisers fielding calls from concerned clients. In some cases, advisers may choose to add tilts or hedges for their clients’ investments, while for others, it will be better to stay the course. There are a range of ways to manage market volatility in a portfolio, some universally valuable, others dependent on the individual clients. In this paper, we’ve highlighted some of the most common. Download n