ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 1 July 2022


This week's highlights

  • Top performing funds for the week ranged from palladium, to China, to infrastructure, to the US dollar. And as such, seemed to lack a core or unifying theme.

  • SNAS, which short sells futures and provides a way to bet against the Nasdaq 100, was the industry’s top performer as US technology companies underperformed.

  • Crypto ETFs or various kinds featured heavily in the bottom performers. This likely owes to the bitcoin price, which temporarily dipped below the US$20,000 psychological level last week, creating ripples throughout the industry.

  • The industry saw $351 million in inflows. Inflows were dominated by iShares, which took all top five spots.

  • There were $66 million in reported outflows, suggesting the industry saw net inflows. Geared funds provided three of the top 10 by outflows, suggesting investors may be taking stock of volatility.

  • Trading volumes were focussed on the usual suspects, core Aussie shares ETFs, cash, and inverse ETFs were among the most heavily traded.