ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 11 June 2021


This week's highlights

  • ETFS S&P Biotech ETF (CURE) was last week’s top performing ETF, returning 7.5% for the week. Tech-related funds ATEC, CLDD and HACK also saw strong performance alongside broad healthcare funds HLTH and IXJ. China-focused funds CNEW and CETF were amongst the week’s poorest performers along with financial sector funds MVB, OZF, QFN and BNKS. Short Nasdaq fund SNAS was the week’s overall biggest decliner.

  • In the commodity world, silver (ETPMAG) added 3.3% to be amongst the week’s top performers, while other precious metals declined.

  • Total reported flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $228m, while outflows totalled $110m. International equity funds QUAL and NDQ saw the week’s biggest inflows, followed by hybrids fund HBRD. Domestic equity fund IOZ saw the bulk of the outflows for the week.

  • IOZ was the most traded fund for the week, followed by VAS and VGS.

  • ETFS S&P Biotech ETF (CURE) aims to track movements across the US biotechnology industry. CURE currently holds shares in 190 biotechnology companies and is equally weighted at each quarterly rebalance.