ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 14 August 2020


This week's highlights

  • Japanese equities rallied last week and were among some of the best performers. BetaShares Japan ETF (Hedged) (HJPN) was up 4.8% for the week and ETFS Global Core Infrastructure ETF (CORE) up 4.5%. Australian based bank and property ETFs also had a strong week – QFN, VAP and SLF all up over the week. The poorest performers over the week were commodity ETFs and Gold Miner ETFs, which dipped after Gold recently hit an all-time high. GDX and ETPMAG were the worst performers for the week, down -5.9% and -5.7% respectively.

  • Net inflows for the week were A$288m which comprised of inflows of A$357m and outflows of A$69m. The inflows were mostly seen across ETFS Physical Gold (GOLD), Cash and Fixed Income products. Outflows were most notable in iShares S&P/ASX 200 ETF (IOZ).

  • The most-traded fund of the week was BBOZ followed by IOZ and GOLD.

  • ETFS Physical Silver (ETPMAG) offers investors a simple, cost-efficient, and secure way to access silver by providing a return equivalent to the movements in the silver spot price. ETPMAG has returned 53.3% year-to-date and 57.8% over the past 12-months.