ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 15 May 2020


This week's highlights

  • Equity markets mostly declined last week as the recent rally stalled, though the domestic market ended the week in positive territory. Gold miners (GDX) and biotechnology (CURE) ETFs were the top performing equity funds. Global property funds (REIT and DJRE) were the biggest decliners, followed by U.S. small caps (IJR), banks (BNKS) and global value stocks (VVLU).

  • Precious metals rose across the board, with silver leading the way. ETPMAG gained 10.6% to be the week’s top performing fund, while GOLD rose by 3.8%. Strong U.S. dollar fund YANK was also amongst the top performers.

  • Total flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $407m, while outflows totalled $124m. Domestic equity fund IOZ saw the biggest inflows for the week, followed by bond fund IAF and STW. Global corporate bond fund IHBC, cash fund ISEC and resources sector fund QRE saw the week’s biggest outflows.

  • IOZ was the most traded fund for the week, followed by bearish equity fund BBOZ. Cash fund BILL saw above average volumes.

  • ETFS Physical Silver (ETPMAG), which invests in physical silver bullion, returned 10.6% for the week. Being a more industrial commodity than gold, silver saw much bigger drawdowns in late-February and early-March as markets reacted to the rapid spread of COVID-19. At that time the ratio of gold to silver prices hit all-time highs. Since bottoming on 19th March, however, ETPMAG has rebounded by 23.7%, compared to 7.6% for GOLD over the same period.