ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 15 October 2021


This week's highlights

  • New listing ETFS Hydrogen ETF (HGEN) was last week’s top performing ETF, gaining 8.9%. The clean energy sector posted large gains for the week with CLNE, ERTH and ACDC all amongst the top performers. Gold mining funds MNRS and GXD also performed strongly for the week. In a strong week for equities, bear equity funds SNAS, BBUS and BBOZ were amongst the leading decliners.

  • Gold pulled back last week, with GOLD down 1.5%, while other precious metals gained. Palladium fund ETPMPD added 2.2% for the week. US dollar and euro funds (USD and EEU) were both amongst the week's poorest performers on the back of A$ strength.

  • Total reported flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $452m, while outflows totalled $102m. The largest inflows and outflows for the week were into Australian equity (IOZ), bond (AGVT) and cash funds (AAA). HGEN saw over $27m of inflows in its first week of trading. The weeks largest outflows were from cash fund BILL.

  • IOZ was the most traded fund for the week, followed by BBOZ and VAS. BILL and AGVT saw above average volumes.

  • ETF Securities launched ETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETF (FTEC) on the Chi-X market last week. FTEC tracks a portfolio of companies involved in cutting-edge financial technology and in leading blockchain innovators. FTEC covers a range of sub-themes including decentralised finance, digital payments, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding, financial data, financial software and trading and capital markets.