ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 16 October 2020


This week's highlights

  • Equity markets were mixed last week with dispersion across regions and sectors. China funds CETF, IZZ and CNEW were the top performing equity ETFs followed by tech-focused funds ATEC, HACK, NDQ and FANG. Domestic bank fund MVB also has a strong week. International energy companies (FUEL), global banks (BNKS), Japanese equities (HJPN) and property funds (REIT and MVA) were all amongst the poorest performers.

  • Leveraged US dollar fund YANK was the week’s overall top performing ETF on the back of a drop in AUD from US72.4c to US70.8c. Gold and silver both gained ground, while palladium fund ETPMPD dropped 2.9% for the week.

  • Total reported flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $425m, while outflows totalled just $15m. Domestic equity fund IOZ saw the biggest inflows for the week followed by BBOZ. Domestic equity yield fund ZYAU saw the week’s largest outflows.

  • IOZ was the most traded fund for the week, followed by BBOZ and AAA. Fixed income fund VAF saw above average volumes.

  • ETFS FANG+ ETF (FANG) offers investors exposure to a concentrated portfolio of the world’s top innovation leaders across today’s technology and tech-enabled companies. FANG holds a portfolio of ten stock including Apple, Amazon, Google and Netflix. The fund returned 3.1% last week and is up 56.9% since its launch on 27th February 2020.