ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 17 July 2020


This week's highlights

  • Equity markets were mixed last week with technology stocks taking a breather and other sectors coming to the fore. Agriculture fund FOOD was the week’s top performing ETF, while healthcare funds (DRUG and IXJ) and resources sector funds (OZR and QRE) also performed strongly. China funds (IZZ, CETF and CNEW) and technology-related funds (FANG, ASIA and HACK) were all amongst the week’s poorest performers.

  • Palladium was the week’s best performing precious metal, with ETPMPD returning 3.7%, while gold consolidated recent gains.

  • Total reported flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $251m, while outflows totalled $65m. Sustainability funds (FAIR and ETHI), GOLD and bearish equity funds (BBOZ and BBUS) saw the biggest inflows for the week. Domestic equity fund STW saw the bulk of the week’s outflows.

  • BBOZ was the most traded fund for the week, followed by VAS. VGS saw above average volumes.

  • ETF Securities new Nasdaq 100 funds commenced trading last week; ETFS Ultra Short Nasdaq 100 Hedge Fund (SNAS) returned 4.6% for the week, while ETFS Ultra Long Nasdaq 100 Hedge Fund (LNAS) returned -4.5% as the Nasdaq-100 dropped by 1.8% in US dollar terms.