ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 17 June 2022


This week's highlights

  • Chinese ETFs were among the top performers again last week, with CNEW and CETF making it into the top 10. Reports suggest that ending Shanghai lockdowns, the phasing out of Beijing’s tech crackdown and loose monetary policy are among the reasons for the rally.

  • Crypto ETFs were the bottom performers last week, with EBTC and EETH falling in the bottom 10. The collapse of the Celsius Network was the precipitate.

  • Crude oil and energy stock ETFs continue to go back and forth between best and worst performing weekly ETFs, with OOO and FUEL falling in the bottom 10 again last week. Again, interest rates are likely to blame as hikes from major central banks could slow the global economy and cut demand for energy.

  • There were $142 million in recorded inflows. IOZ, A200 and STW – all offering exposure to the top 200 Australian companies – accounted for 21%, or roughly $30.3 million of these.

  • The industry recorded $118 million in weekly outflows. Notably, two high yielding bond ETFs – IHEB and IHHY – saw outflows. These are likely owed to heightened credit risk. IHEB, which has fallen to lows last seen during the darkest days of the covid-19 sell off in 2020, has particularly suffered as a rising US dollar causes investors to flee emerging markets’ debt.

  • IVV, the S&P 500 tracker from iShares which has $270 billion under management globally, saw outflows. Perhaps reflecting overall negative investor sentiment.