ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 19 November 2021


This week's highlights

  • ETFS Ultra Long Nasdaq 100 Hedge Fund (LNAS) was the week’s overall top-performing fund, up 5.7%. ETFS Semiconductor ETF (SEMI) was the top-performing unleveraged fund for the week, followed by a range of technology-related funds including NDQ, CNEW, LPGD and ATEC. Crypto-equity funds DIGA and CRYP were the week’s poorest performing equity ETFs, followed by energy (FUEL) and financial sector funds (QFN and OZF).

  • Precious metals mostly gained ground last week, with GOLD ending the week 1.0% higher. Palladium (ETPMPD) was the top commodity performer, up 1.9%. Crude oil fund OOO dropped 4.8% for the week.

  • Total reported flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $296m, while outflows totalled $135m. The largest inflows for the week were into global value fund VLUE, crypto-equity fund CRYP and global quality fund QUAL. Battery tech fund ACDC and hydrogen fund HGEN also saw strong flows for the week. The week's largest outflows were from cash fund AAA.

  • VAS was the most traded fund for the week, followed by A200. GOLD saw above-average volumes.

  • ETFS Semiconductor ETF (SEMI) returned 4.5% for the week at the global shortage of semiconductors looks set to drag well into 2022. SEMI invests in a global portfolio of 30 companies across semiconductor design, production and related equipment manufacturing.