ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 20 May 2022


This week's highlights

  • Aussie resources sector ETFs were the top performers last week, with all three ETFs tracking this sector – MVR, QRE, OZR – making it into the top 10. The rebounding iron ore price as China seemed set to end its lockdowns supported Australian mining companies.

  • The top performing funds for the year are now SNAS and BBUS, which use short selling to bet against the US share market. These ASX-listed funds provide an alternative to put options for investors looking to profit from a falling US market. However they remain strong underperformers longer term.

  • Crypto was a standout laggards for the week with CRYP – the poorest performing ETF in 2022 – making another appearance in the weekly bottom 10. The crypto industry remains shaken and stirred by the Terra/Luna implosion.

  • The industry recorded $501 million in weekly inflows. iShares IOZ made up almost half of that with its $205 million inflow. A weekly inflow this large may owe to an institutional buyer.

  • There was $125 million in recorded outflows. FUEL – which mostly buys oil majors like ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron – accounted for half of that. FUEL's performance is likely owed to the Russia-Ukraine war which has put a rocket on oil prices. The outflows therefore are likely owe to profit taking. FUEL has seen $185 million in outflows year to date, despite its rally.

  • The most heavily traded ETFs were IOZ and VAS.

  • ETFS Ultra Short Nasdaq Hedge Fund (SNAS) returned 10.7% for the week. SNAS aims to provide investors with geared returns that are negatively correlated to the returns of the Nasdaq-100 Index.