ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 22 April 2022


This week's highlights

  • The past week was awful for the global share market - especially for US tech companies. Pretty much every ETF investing in US tech companies got crunched. With crypto ETFs – BetaShares CRYP, Cosmos DIGA – among the worst performers for the second consecutive week.

  • Biotech continues to suffer its worst bear market ever, with CURE down almost 56% since February last year and down 7% last week.

  • Outside inverse funds, good performers were few and far between. The top gong went to ETFs making simple currency bets. As interest rates in the US and Europe rise, the value of the USD and EUR has strengthened against the Aussie dollar. This supported BetaShares YANK, USD, EEU.

  • There were $336 million in gross outflows, which is more than the last three weeks combined. The biggest loser was the iShares ASX 200 ETF (IOZ), which lost a whopping $266 million. IOZ outflows may owe to a big investor changing strategy. However IOZ competitors – A200, STW – both saw outflows too.

  • ETFs saw only $187 million in gross inflows – meaning it was a rare net outflow week. Inflows were concentrated in core ETFs, possibly thanks to model allocations.

  • Trading volumes continued to be centred around Australian equities ETFs, such as VAS, IOZ and A200. However ETFs that tend to do better in bear markets – like GOLD and BBOZ – also broke into the top 10 most heavily traded.

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