ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 27 May 2022


This week's highlights

  • Tech-heavy ETFs featured heavily in the top performers last week, as technology stocks rebounded on relaxing fears of interest rate hikes. Top performers LNAS, HDNQ, FANG, IPAY and QHAL are all overweight the US tech sector.

  • Currency hedged ETFs – HDNQ, IHVV, BNKS, FUEL – also featured prominently in the top performers, indicating that the Australian dollar has appreciated.

  • Crypto ETFs – EBTC, EETH – spent another week in the bottom performers, as the crypto market continues to feel tremors from the Luna/Terra collapse.

  • The industry recorded $260 million in weekly inflows. Commodity-focussed ETFs stood out with GOLD and FOOD seeing substantial inflows.

  • There were $206 million in outflows. The BetaShares ETF High Interest Cash ETF AAA, made up more than 75% of the weekly outflows with its $159.3 million outflow.

  • The BetaShares ETF High Interest Cash ETF AAA sits at the top of the 1-week average daily turnover due to the sell-off of $159.3 million.