ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 3 June 2022


This week's highlights

  • Australian resource sector ETFs were the top performers last week, with 2 ETFs tracking this sector – QRE & OZR – making it into the top 10. Signs of easing China’s lockdown are helping push the price of ASX mining shares like BHP group.

  • Chinese ETFs were also among the top performers last week, with 3 ETFs offering exposure to the behemoth economy – CNEW, CETF & ASIA – making it into the top 10. This is due to China’s finance ministry and central bank saying they would press ahead with policies to offset damage to the economy.

  • Crypto ETFs were the among the worst performers for the week. CRYP – the worst performing ETF in 2022 – made another appearance in the weekly bottom 10. It was joined by our FTEC ETF. Investors remain sceptical of crypto due to the Terra/Luna implosion.

  • The industry recorded $924 million in reported inflows for the week. Vanguard’s VAS made up about 33% of that with its $310 million inflow.

  • There was $184 million in recorded outflows. A200 – which buys the top 200 Australian companies based on Market cap – accounted for just under half. The outflows could owe to profit taking or investors rotating out of Australian shares.

  • The most heavily traded ETFs were VAS, IOZ, A200, GOLD and NDQ – as is standard. IEM made an unusual appearance in the top 10 most traded, partly because of the good news coming out of China.