ETF Monitors


Weekly ETF Monitor for week ending 4 December 2020


This week's highlights

  • Precious metals and resources products were amongst the top performers last week. ETFS Physical Platinum (ETPMPT) was up 11.2% for the week, while ETFS Physical Silver (ETPMAG) was up 4.2%. Resources funds BetaShares S&P/ASX 200 Resources Sector ETF (QRE) and SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Resources Fund (OZR) were also up 5.7% and 5.5% respectively.

  • The poorest performers for the week were infrastructure funds, BetaShares Agricultural ETF - Ccy Hedged (QAG) down 3% and Magellan Infrastructure Fund (Hedged) (MICH) down 1.7%.

  • Reported inflows into domestically domiciled ETFs were high at over AU$1.1bn. Outflows totalled AU$145m. Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (VAS) and iShares Government Inflation ETF (ILB) had the largest inflows, while the largest outflows were seen in iShares S&P/ASX 200 ETF (IOZ).

  • Expectedly VAS and STW were the most traded names over the week.

  • ETFS Physical Platinum (ETPMPT) offers investors a simple, cost-efficient and secure way to access platinum by providing a return equivalent to the Australian dollar price movement of platinum less a daily management fee. ETPMPT provides exposure to the supply and demand dynamics for platinum in areas such as the automotive, technology and medical industries.