ETF Monitors


The latest flows and performance insights into the top and bottom performing Australian ETFs.

In the final ETFS Weekly Market Monitor for 2017 we look back at the best and worst performers for the year-to-date. Non-Japan Asia was the standout segment within equity markets, with UBP, IKO and IAA all returning in excess of 30% so far this year. The poorest performers included a range of bearish products (BBUS and BBOZ), which underperformed in a strong risk-on environment. Within the domestic equity space, small- and mid-cap funds outperformed, with MVE and SSO being the top performers, while HVST was the poorest performer. High yield plays provided the best returns in the fixed income arena, with IHEB returning 9.9%, followed by IHYY, which returned 6.4%. Within currency funds, euro (EEU) has been the best performer in 2017 returning 5.1%, while US dollar (USD and ZUSD) lagged, down over 5%. Palladium was the top commodity performer, with ETPMPD returning 43.3%. Agriculture was the poorest performing sector, with QAG declining 13.4%. The Australian ETF market saw inflows of A$95m and outflows of A$27m from domestically domiciled ETFs last week. The largest inflows were into ETFS EURO STOXX 50 ETF (ESTX), while the largest outflows were from BetaShares Australian Dividend Harvester Funds (HVST). ...