CSAL Securities - Early Maturity Notice

Feb 29, 2016

Further to the announcement dated 15 June 2015, ETFS Commodity Securities Australia Limited (Issuer) hereby gives notice that the following products will be terminated with effect from 29 March 2016: and removed from trading status on the AQUA Market shortly thereafter:


ASX Code

ETFS Agriculture (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS All Commodities (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Industrial Metals (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Energy (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Grains (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Natural Gas (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Brent Crude Oil (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Wheat (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Copper (Collateralised Structured Product)


ETFS Corn (Collateralised Structured Product)


(together, the CSAL Securities).

Pursuant to clause 7.5.1(d) of the PDS, the Issuer has determined in good faith, with the consent of ASX Limited (ASX), that the continued existence of the CSAL Securities is no longer commercially viable.

Accordingly, and pursuant to clause 7.5.2 of the PDS, the Issuer has determined that there will be an Early Maturity and the Early Maturity Date will be 29 March 2016.  The last day upon which applications to the Issuer for issue or redemption of the CSAL Securities will be accepted will be 3 business days prior to the Early Maturity Date.  The CSAL Securities will be removed from trading status on the AQUA Market shortly after the Early Maturity Date.

The Early Maturity that has been determined by the Issuer will proceed in accordance with clause 7.5.5(a)(iii) of the PDS and:

1. A Termination Payment will become payable to anyone who is a holder of a CSAL Security on the Early Maturity Date. 2. The Issuer will act in good faith and in a commercially reasonable manner when calculating the Termination Payment, and will take into account the Early Maturity Value of each of the CSAL Securities (being the fair economic value as at 5pm on the Early Maturity Date).  3. The Termination Payment will be paid to Holders within 10 business days of the Early Maturity Date being the Settlement Date (as defined in the PDS).4. Termination Payments will be payable to Holders by electronic funds transfer into the Holder's nominated account, or, if these details have not been provided, by cheque.  No brokerage or transaction costs will be deducted from the Termination Payment.5. There is no option for Holders to receive the Delivery Assets.

The Issuer will use reasonable efforts to ensure that market makers continue to meet their obligations from the date of this notice until the Early Maturity Date.  Holders may sell their investment on market prior to the Early Maturity Date, if they so choose.

This notice relates only to those products issued by ETFS Commodity Securities Australia Limited and does not affect any products issued by either of ETFS Metal Securities Australia Limited or ANZ ETFS Management (AUS) Limited which will continue to operate and remain admitted to trading status on the AQUA Market.

Holders who require further information about this Maturity Notice should contact the Issuer on infoAU@etfsecurities.com.

Download notice (.pdf)