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The ETF Securities Partner Series joins with Australian and international investment professionals to discuss the big issues of the day and what these mean for investors. Terminator, I Robot, The Matrix – science fiction movies often paint a pretty bleak picture of the robots of the future. Writers and directors conjure worlds where robots rise up and threaten humanity. These fictional accounts are taken by many warnings about the dangers of developing artificial intelligence too far. But according to top experts, the future of industrial robotics leaves more room for optimism than despair. And rather than ending humanity’s reign on earth, robotics is working to extend it. In this partner series, Kanish Chugh, Head of Distribution at ETF Securities, spoke to Wyatt Newman, Professor of Engineering and one of the world’s top authorities on robotics technologies to get a feel for where the industry is heading. ...
Thanks to its young population, friendly relations with the US, and rapid urbanisation, India is sometimes seen as an alternative investment destination to China. And with India continuing to outperform its emerging markets peers, many investors are taking a closer look at the world’s most populous nation. In this partner series, we spoke with Tejas Sheth, the equity research lead for Nippon Life India Asset Management, to learn more. Why has India outperformed emerging markets? We started our discussion asking Tejas why India’s share market has outperformed in recent years. There were four main reasons, he said. First is pent up demand. Roughly 60% of India’s economy is driven by the services sector, which was hard hit by covid. But with India opening back up, a lot of consumer and investment demand for services has started coming through. ...