ETF Securities ETMF Partnerships

ETF Securities (ETFS) is Australia’s second oldest provider and majority owned by the Australian founder, and now philanthropist, Graham Tuckwell.

From this position of expertise we see many asset managers investigating the option of launching and distributing their existing managed funds via an Exchange Traded Managed Fund (ETMF) structure. This is a challenge that we are fully equipped to solve.

As an independent ETF manager we are able to work with other fund managers in a way that many of the global ETF managers can’t. These forms of partnership can take many forms with the key ones being ;

1) ETMFs - Building and supporting ETMF capabilities

2) Distribution - Using our distribution capabilities to sell into some of the most coveted networks in Australia.


Under the expertise of our two heads of portfolio management, Evan Metcalf and Cliff Man, we have recently developed the capability to build Exchange Traded Managed Funds – ETMFs. This fast growing area of listed funds is a very attractive vehicle for active managers to reach a wider investment community and we are committed to working with partners to support this from a continuum of a pure white label, all the way to a full joint venture style agreement.


The ETF Securities distribution team is comprised of nine people focused only on the effective marketing and sales of ETFs. This focus has resulted in, amongst other things, providing access to the much prized wealth management and stock broking community.

Our analysis of currently launched ETMFs shows clearly that many new entrants underestimate how difficult it is to develop the relationships required in this segment, which then seriously affects expected FUM gathering and profitability. Our aim is to help fast track any partner’s FUM gathering by helping to distribute to such clients.


ETF Securities has the pedigree and expertise to help solve issues of this sort for asset managers looking to launch and distribute ETMFs. For more information, please contact our CEO directly on

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