ETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETF

Exchange Code: FTEC

ETFS Fintech & Blockchain ETF (Exchange Code: FTEC) offers investors exposure to the world’s leading financial technology and blockchain companies. Fintech companies are causing a quiet revolution in financial services, helping lower costs and improve efficiency in banking, insurance, and wealth management.


About FTEC

FTEC aims to provide investors with a return, before fees and expenses, that tracks the performance of the Indxx Developed Markets Fintech & DeFi Index. The index contains 75 companies in developed markets, drawn from a range of fintech sub-themes. These include blockchain, data and research companies, buy now pay later companies, digital wallets—and more.

FTEC uses a full-replication strategy to track the index, meaning that it holds all the shares that make up the index. Companies are equally weighted, meaning at each rebalance the companies are bought in an equal proportion.


Why consider FTEC


Hedge against disruption to the big banks, which feature prominently in Australians’ superannuation funds.


Access fast-growing companies in an exciting new sector, while avoiding the risks that come with picking individual stocks.


Invest in the world’s leading adopters of blockchain technology.