ETFS Enhanced USD Cash ETF

Effective access to US dollar movements

ETFS Enhanced USD Cash ETF (ASX code: ZUSD) offers exposure to the movements of the US dollar against the Australian dollar, without the need to manually trade currencies or set up foreign bank accounts.

About ZUSD

ZUSD aims to provide investors with a return that, before fees and expenses, tracks the performance of an interest-bearing US dollar cash deposit.

ZUSD invests in US dollar bank deposits with maturities ranging from overnight to three months. This means it aims to offer performance above the rate available on overnight deposits in Australian dollar terms. Deposits are held with one or more Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions and earn a variable rate of interest spread across a range of maturities to enhance yield, while maintaining the liquidity of the fund.

ZUSD is not currency hedged and captures movements in the Australian dollar/US dollar exchange rate by investing substantially all its assets in US denominated deposits.

Why consider ZUSD?

  • Diversification in the cash allocation of a portfolio away from Australian dollars.

  • Efficient, low-cost exposure to the US dollar, the world’s reserve currency.

  • The potential of a return above the rate available on overnight deposits in Australian dollar terms (though it could also be below this).

  • Tactical allocation to the US dollar for investors who believe the USD will appreciate against the Australian dollar

  • Liquid and transparent.


Does ZUSD pay distributions?

Yes, ZUSD pays distributions on a quarterly basis.

Is ZUSD currency hedged?

No, it aims to capture the movements in the Australian dollar/US dollar exchange rate by investing substantially in US denominated deposits.

What is the benchmark for ZUSD?

The benchmark is the US dollar/Australian dollar exchange rate .

How can you use ZUSD in a portfolio?

ZUSD can be used as part of the cash allocation in the defensive portion of a portfolio to offer diversification away from the Australian dollar. This allows for a buffer against weakness in the Australian dollar as well as exposure to one of the most utilised currencies in the world.

ZUSD aims to achieve an interest rate above that of the overnight rate and offers quarterly distributions, so might also be part of a yield strategy for an investor.

ZUSD can also be used as a tactical or short-term investment for investors with particular convictions on the direction of the US dollar.

Is ZUSD physically backed?

Yes. ZUSD invests in US dollars term deposits ranging from overnight to 3 months

Diversify your cash exposure with ZUSD
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Product Information
NAV Information
NAV/Unit (A$)10.3710
Date (NAV)24 Nov 2020
Currency (NAV)AUD
Shares outstanding1,081,115
AUM (A$)11,212,250.085
Product Information
Fund inception date09 Jun 2015
Management Costs (% p.a.)0.30
Maximum cost recoveries (% p.a.)0.00
Distribution FrequencyQuarterly
Currency HedgedNo
Legal FormManaged Investment Scheme
SMSF EligibleYes
Trading Information
Symbols and Trading Hours
Bloomberg CodeZUSD AU Equity
Trading hours10:00AM – 4:00PM
Trade Online
Management & Administration
IssuerETFS Management (AUS) Limited
CustodianAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
RegistrarComputershare Investor Services Pty Limited
Benchmark Information
Recent Distribution
Announcement date24 Jun 2020
Ex-date30 Jun 2020
Record date1 Jul 2020
Payment date15 Jul 2020
Distribution per unit
(A$ cents)
12-month yield0.95%
12-month franking level0.00%
Record date
Payment date
Distribution (A$ cents)
Franking level
30 Jun 202001 Jul 202015 Jul 20200.7936830.0000%
31 Mar 202001 Apr 202014 Apr 20203.9760790.0000%
31 Dec 201902 Jan 202016 Jan 20205.0535380.0000%
30 Sep 201901 Oct 201915 Oct 20197.1983910.0000%
28 Jun 201901 Jul 201915 Jul 201919.1772520.0000%
Change of Fund Name 04 Apr 2019