This week's highlights Thematic funds focused on clean energy (CLNE and ERTH), video gaming (ESPO) and technology (ASIA and ATEC) provided the bulk of the top performing ETFs last week. Indian equities (NDIA and IIND) also posted a strong week, as did global gold mining stocks (GDX and MNRS). The domestic resources sector (QRE, OZR and MVR), global energy (FUEL) and domestic yield strategies (SYI and SWTZ) were the week’s poorest performers across the equity segment. In the commodity world, silver (ETPMAG) and gold (GOLD) both posted strong weekly returns, while platinum (ETPMPT) lagged. Oil fund OOO was the poorest performing fund for the week, dropping 2.7%. Total reported flows into domestically domiciled ETFs were $286m, while outflows totalled $94m. Broad based equity funds A200, IOZ and IVV saw the week’s biggest inflows, followed by gold miners fund GDX. Cash fund AAA and hedge gold fund QAU saw the largest outflows for the week. VAS was the most traded fund for the week, followed by IOZ and AAA. GOLD and GDX saw above average volumes. ...
Technology has been the best performing sector for the past 10 years1. This outperformance is attributable to superior fundamentals. In the past decade, tech has had the best earnings growth and profit margins2,3. This has naturally translated into higher stock prices. The coronavirus has been the cherry on top. Thanks to social distancing, more people are working from home, shopping online and using online entertainment. This has brought forward years of technological adoption. But which companies may stand to benefit? Below we look at some of the bright lights. The companies listed are all found in the ETFS Morningstar Global Technology ETF (ASX Code: TECH). Five companies fuelling the transition ...
This week's highlights Volatility crept back into global markets last week as inflation readings in the US spooked some investors and led to some sell offs. China exposed ETFs were the best performers over the week, CNEW and CETF were both up over 3%. Goldminer ETF GDX and healthcare sector offering IXJ were also both up 2% and 1.4% respectively. The worst performers for the week were technology sector ETFs. Australian technology ETF ATEC was down 6% whilst ASIA was down 5.5%. Net inflows for the week were A$144m which consisted of A$563m of inflows and outflows were A$419m. The biggest inflows were seen in IVV, IAF and AAA. The largest outflows were across IOZ, IHCB and IEM. With inflation readings spiking last week some investors are turning towards a natural inflation hedge such as GOLD to counteract lower real yields. ETF Securities offers Australia’s largest fully physically backed